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What to consider when determining the right dog. The dogs for older people should be approached with knowledge of commitment. Here are a few things to look for:

The Size of Dog- remember the big dog can be clumsy and trip an older person. If it is a house dog keep this in mind. There are very friendly big dogs, but they tend to want attention and stay so close – that sometimes they can be dangerous if they make an older person fall. Little dogs can trip them but are easier to get them out of the way.

The personality of the dog- Some dog breeds are better than others. There are dogs that just sit and are happy. These can be good for the company when you have someone in a wheel chair or other handicap. Other dogs want attention; these can be good for people who truly love dogs and can focus on them. There are many in between so learn the breed or breeds. Dogs for older people can have a similar personality as the owner.

The type of dog- Some people with allergies can enjoy hypoallergenic dogs. Some of these include poodles, Shi Tzu, Maltese water dog, and Yorkshire terrier. Check the breeds before your determine which you want. Even mutts can have the characteristics of both or more breeds. Some dogs will be easier to clean up after too so keep this consideration.

The age of the dog -should be considered also. A puppy might be too difficult for an older person. Potty training a puppy could be a challenge an older person doesn’t want so be cautious.You don’t want to have a dog that will die soon either. Also, determine if the owners will be home a lot of traveling. Some dogs love to be alone others like to be around people.

Where the dog comes from – Some older people will want to get a dog from the shelter as this is helping take care of something that needs it. Taking them to the human society and letting them choose the dog to adopt, could start a good bond. This will give them the feeling of actually adding their family member. If your want a pure breed you want to make sure it is from a reputable breeder.

It has been proven that Dogs for older people may help them live longer. They have an animal to take care of. I believe that dogs for older people are a good thing. They will get up knowing that they are responsible for helping a life. Older people do worry about their dogs. I had a friend who told me she thought her dad would be more upset if his dog died then his kids. He told her that the dog didn’t give him as much trouble as the kids! So you must understand that they will get attached and the love will grow strong too.

Just make sure that you understand the importance of adding a dog to an older person family. You might be surprised at how tight that bond will get. Unlike children, dogs are always dependent on someone to take care of them. They will not grow up and leave. This means that the commitment should be understood.

Dogs for older people can add a special love and happiness of their owner. Having the responsibility of another life can make a lot of difference in an older person life. You want them to feel comfortable with the dog and the dog to feel comfortable with them.